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Webinar: Be Prepared: How Evolving Data Security Protocols Impact Your Role

On-Demand Webinar

Rebecca West
President, Research Services Group, Civicom
Jennifer Morehead
Managing Security & Compliance Officer, Civicom
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The current global environment has led to unprecedented levels of volatility and uncertainty; quality IR and reporting are more important than ever. Knowing that quality influences investment decisions, the tools and services you use are now becoming a hot topic in the boardroom.

An increasing dependency on cloud and collaboration platforms goes hand in hand with an increase in vulnerabilities; your work and company data can be compromised within the speed of a mouse click. In the face of constantly adapting cyber threats – how do you ensure best practices?

Data security is now a business issue, and not just a technology issue.

Join our webinar to gain insight on data security protocols and the potential impact on the quality of your IR:

  • Ensure safe use of technology to adapt to the changing demands of your role
  • Develop your knowledge of cyber risks and how security relates to business exposure
  • Understand vulnerabilities in service providers that can compromise quality

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