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Machine Transcription Cleanup

Proofreading Service

Tired of wasting hours of time correcting poor quality transcripts generated by automated transcription programs? No worries; TranscriptionWing is here to help!
We offer a professional voice to text cleanup service for clients in need of reworking machine-generated transcripts with low accuracy into clean, presentable, and reader-friendly transcripts. No more incomplete sentences, wrong spellings, and out of context phrases – our highly skilled transcription editors conduct light research on top of their already extensive knowledge of grammar, idioms, jargons, legalese, and other specialized terminologies to ensure transcript accuracy.
Here at TranscriptionWing, we practice a flexible editing process allowing us to cater to all of our clients’ individual style preferences. Want your transcripts in verbatim? Our team will make sure you get all the information you need in a complete word for word transcription. If you want to focus more on readability, we can scrub off any unnecessary words and phrases like filler words and side conversations from your transcript. Our human editors can can do almost anything you need  that software transcription cannot provide.
We will make sure you get your polished transcripts in a day!
Our transcription expertise include:

  • Academic Research Transcriptions
  • Audio Transcriptions
  • Conference Call Transcriptions
  • Focus Group Transcriptions
  • In-Depth Interview Transcriptions
  • Market Research Transcriptions
  • Podcast Transcriptions
  • Seminar Transcriptions
  • Sermon Transcriptions
  • Video Captioning/Subtitling Services

Turnaround Options:

  • Next Business Day (on or before 5 PM)
  • Two Business Days
  • Five Business Days

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TranscriptionWing offers flexible turnaround times and will go to great lengths to cater to your needs. Working on a tight deadline? With our RUSH transcript turnaround option, your high priority project is in good hands. You can have your completed document back in 4 hours or by 9 AM the next business day!


Safeguarding the confidentiality of your information is as serious to us as a heartbeat. We exercise a culture of confidentiality that prioritizes 100% security and protection of client information. All uploaded recordings and transcripts are then safe kept in your secure TranscriptionWing account.


Apart from our user-friendly system, our expert human transcriptionists enhance your documents with ListenLink™, a unique software that links a specific part of your transcript to the corresponding audio that you can play for quick review. We accept custom format and template requests too – free of charge!

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