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General Transcription

100% Human Transcription Service

The rise of AI-powered transcription services are inevitable. However, automated transcription is seemingly becoming like Pandora’s box – it is all beneficial until you uncover its many unforeseen troubles. A little background noise or crosstalk in the audio recording and speech-to-text machines will surely generate dissatisfactory transcripts to useless documentations in general.

Why TranscriptionWing?

TranscriptionWing offers exceptional audio and video transcription services operated by online transcriptionists who specializes in general transcription covering virtually any industry or niche market. Human participation is imperative to providing the highest quality of transcripts, as expert human transcribers are capable of heavy liftings for challenging audio files requiring higher level of comprehension. Our professional transcriptionists thrive very hard to competently get the job done and to not just meet your needs, but to exceed your expectations in the process as well.

Our general transcription expertise include:

  • Academic Research Transcriptions
  • Audio Transcriptions
  • Conference Call Transcriptions
  • In-Depth Interview Transcriptions
  • Market Research Transcriptions
  • Podcast Transcriptions
  • Seminar Transcriptions
  • Translation
  • Video Captioning/Subtitling Services

Already got unworkable transcripts at hand? No need to worry; TranscriptionWing can take care of that for you! We offer a clean-up service for machine-generated transcripts, powered by our highly skilled human transcriptionists and editors that will leave you with only the best quality transcripts with every request!

Turnaround Options:

  • Rush (4-hours)
  • Next Business Morning (on or before 9 AM)
  • Next Business Day (on or before 5 PM)
  • Two Business Days
  • Five Business Days

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TranscriptionWing offers flexible turnaround times and will go to great lengths to cater to your needs. Working on a tight deadline? With our RUSH transcript turnaround option, your high priority project is in good hands. You can have your completed document back in 4 hours or by 9 AM the next business day!


Safeguarding the confidentiality of your information is as serious to us as a heartbeat. We exercise a culture of confidentiality that prioritizes 100% security and protection of client information. All uploaded recordings and transcripts are then safe kept in your secure TranscriptionWing account.


Apart from our user-friendly system, our expert human transcriptionists enhance your documents with ListenLink™, a unique software that links a specific part of your transcript to the corresponding audio that you can play for quick review. We accept custom format and template requests too – free of charge!

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