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listenlink battles with unintelligibles

TranscriptionWing ListenLink™

Hear a specific segment of your recording with one quick click.

ListenLink™ is a unique software that inserts audio links into your transcripts. With just a click of the mouse, ListenLink will play the corresponding part of the audio recording so you can listen to the segments marked with [unintelligible], [inaudible], or [crosstalk] in your transcriptions. Considered as the first in the general transcription services market, this audio to text transcription tool will make your transcription experience seamless.

See ListenLink™ in action:

What Our Clients Say About Us


I use TranscriptionWing frequently, and would recommend this service to anyone who needs an audio recording, short or long, transcribed quickly. The quality of service is excellent, as is the quality of the transcribed documents.

John"Excellent, timely service!"


I've worked with TranscriptionWing for a few years now, and I'm always very pleased with their service. Always on time, excellent value. My interviews tend to contain a lot of technical jargon and I can tell the person who is typing actually looks things up to get the spelling right. Impressive!

Donna"Excellent Value"


I have tried many other companies, and have had to spend as much time correcting their errors as it would have taken me to transcribe the recording myself. TranscriptionWing is prompt, reliable, accurate, and really goes the extra mile to deliver a fantastic finished transcript.

D. Boyar"Superb, flawless, dedicated perfectionists"

About TranscriptionWing™

TranscriptionWing specializes in providing accurate audio transcriptions with flexible turnaround options to various industry sectors, including market research, technology, and finance, as well as legal, educational, and religious institutions. TranscriptionWing is fully GDPR and HIPAA compliant.

Flexible turnaround options range from four hours to five days. TranscriptionWing solutions also include automated voice-to-text transcription clean-up as well as InSummary, a meeting minutes summary service.

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